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"My Chantilly is a colourful and very wearable collection of modern baju kurung inspired by the beauty of Chantilly lace."

It features the traditional Malay outfit in a colourful range of lacy prints and colour-block designs, offering exciting choices for every fashionista this coming Raya 2018.

Emel, known for creating exclusive prints, has taken it one step further this year with lace-motif fabrics, giving the illusion of an exclusive and delicate lace textile. The versatility of the collection makes the pieces easy to mix and match, allowing the modern woman to pair stylish tops with EMEL’s signature and flattering bias-cut skirts.


"…they are mothers, they are wifes, they are national athletes, they are actresses, they are business women, they are singers….they are all amazing and inspire us every day to be better women ourselves!"

THEY ARE: Sharifah Aleya, Ezani Monoto, Nur Ruhainies, Ziana Zain, Dr. Jezamine Lim, Azira Shafinaz, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Sheila Rusly, Diana Amir, Farah Ann, Manggis, Sophia Liana, Atita Haris and Sheila Ibrahim



"Positive, Colourful and Modest EMEL is a socially conscious fashion initiative, offering annual Baju Raya collections, which tell a story and support charitable causes."

The word emel (pronounced eh-mehl) is derived from the word amal, of Arabic origin. Amal means hope, expectation, and aspiration. In Malay, it means good deeds or charity. Each year EMEL will bring awareness and raise funds for a charitable cause.

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